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Working with Schools

We provide a range of performances and workshops to enrich and support the school curriculum. Using innovative approaches, we aim to tackle key issues and increase achievement of young people.

Speech Bubbles

Developed by London Bubble to improve children’s communication, confidence, and well-being.

Speech Bubbles is an evidence-based year-long structured drama and storytelling initiative that supports Key Stage One children identified as having speech, language, and communication needs. In 15/16 teachers in our Hackney schools reported 88% of children showed improvements in learning, speaking, and listening and 92% showed improvements in emotional behaviour and conduct behaviour, thus helping across all aspects of their learning and educational development.

For further information, contact Olivia


Meet the Parents

Meet the Parents is an innovative peer-led project that aims to reduce teenage pregnancy rates and improve sexual health and relationships amongst young people. Since 2004, Meet the Parents has trained over 100 young parents and has delivered sex and relationship education through drama to more than 10,000 students. The project provides an opportunity for students to find out about the realities of young parenthood directly from those who have experienced it whilst reducing the risk of exclusion faced by young parents. Subjects include:

  • STI’s
  • Relationships
  • Parenting
  • Assertiveness
  • Puberty
  • Contraception
  • Female Genital Mutilation
  • Sexual Exploitation
  • LGBT issues
  • Attitudes and Values
  • Sexting

For further information or workshop bookings, contact Charmain


Now You See Me; Now You Don’t

‘Now You See Me; Now You Don’t’ looks at safety on the roads for primary students in year 6 as they approach the transition to Secondary school. It tells the story of an 11-year-old boy called Aaron who is knocked down by a car coming home from school. This fully interactive production creates a lasting impact on the young people through a striking and dramatic central incident. The play focuses on themes of transition, encouraging young people to prepare themselves for secondary school and understand that they have increasing control over their own and other people’s safety.

For further information or bookings, contact Fiona