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Kickstart Employability Support

We offer support for Hackney-based employers hosting Kickstart placements, providing a comprehensive programme for young people, designed to develop professional skills and foster personal development.

What We Do

We offer a comprehensive training and support programme for employers in Hackney who are hosting Kickstart participants, designed to develop key employability skills and offer pastoral support and ensure that young people get the most benefit from their placement.

At Immediate Theatre we have 24 years’ experience of delivering high-quality creative programmes and providing employability support to young people facing significant barriers to employment, education or training.

Why work with us?

Our Kickstart Support Plans are designed specifically for each individual participant, in line with their own goals & needs. We will work with you to ensure that your Kickstart Placements are supported to develop the skills and experience they need to progress into future employment. In addition to training & development, we offer enhanced pastoral support throughout the placement.

Get in touch:

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Our programme involves:


Inducting new trainees to work

Starting or returning to work, during & after the pandemic.


Life Skills Assessment

Identifying individual strengths & areas to develop.


Individual Support Plan

Aims & goals agreed with the young person & employer (reviewed monthly)


Mentoring & Pastoral Support

Regular 1-2-1s over the course of the placement


Group Work Sessions

Targeted workshops to build confidence & self-esteem


Peer Networking

Opportunities to meet with other Kickstart placements


Training & Support

Identifying further training & external support


Evaluation & Progression

Final evaluation of placement & progression to future employment

Participants will develop the following skills:

  • Self-belief: confidence, motivation & drive
  • Communication: in interviews, with their team, management & customers/clients
  • Self-management: organisation, schedule, self-reliance & responsibility
  • Teamwork: working well, supporting managers, helping others & flexibility
  • Problem solving & decision making
  • Transition to workplace: acceptable workplace behaviour, timekeeping & the culture of being paid to perform
  • Professionalism: office etiquette, confidentiality, bullying & harassment
  • Return to work: positivity, emotional resilience & managing stress
  • Strategic thinking
  • Identity: self-awareness & empathy
  • Interpersonal relationships & networking

Our approach

Our well-established employability programmes use a variety of creative approaches to achieve key learning outcomes.