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Now You See Me; Now You Don't


'Now You See Me; Now You Don't' looks at safety on the roads for primary students in year 6 as they approach the transition to Secondary school.

Written by Louise Warren

'Now You See Me; Now You Don't' is the story of an 11 year old boy called Aaron who is knocked down by a car coming home from school. This fully interactive workshop and production creates a lasting impact on the young people through a striking and dramatic central incident. The play focuses on themes of transition, encouraging young people to prepare themselves for secondary school and understand that they have increasing control over their own and other people's safety.

The interactive performance improves young people’s understanding of the fact that they have increasing control and influence over their own and other people's safety by:

  • Increasing knowledge about key road safety messages (the importance of being seen, making eye contact, being focussed)
  • Improving understanding of the different factors that converge in causing an ‘accident’
  • Improving young people’s preparation for secondary school and the longer journeys that face them as they get older.
  • Increasing young people’s confidence in their own decisions and making them aware that “it’s in a young person’s power to make safe decisions as actions on the road will either protect you or lead to damage.”
  • Making young people aware of the need to be alert to other people’s mistakes.
  • Making an impact on young people and preparing them for secondary school.

Developed with and for young people by Camden Public Safety Team and Immediate Theatre. Young people were involved throughout the creative process. Supported by Transport for London.

The play lasts approximately 1 hour 15 minutes, involving workshop elements throughout and can work with a maximum of 60 young people per performance. Pre and post show lesson plans are also available.

“Excellent use of drama the pupils were very emotional as were the adults - very powerful.”

Yr 6 Teacher

“Efficient, no fuss, very organised and punctual.'' 

Yr 6 Teacher

“Excellent – all the children had grasped this important message…”

Yr 6 Teacher

Download our Teachers Education Resource Pack here. Visit our Downloads page to access additional session resources.

More info

Immediate Theatre will be touring ‘Now You See Me; Now You Don’t’ from January 2015.

To book contact Sharon on 0207 923 8180, sharon@immediate-theatre.com

Now You See Me; Now You Don't was runner up in the Safety and Citizenship category of the Health for Kids Awards 2009 presented by Prime Minister Gordon Brown at Downing Street - click here to see pictures.

It was also a finalist for The Stay Safe Award at the Children & Young People Now Awards 2009.


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