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Inclusive. Interactive. Imaginative


Beat Them/Join Them?


  • November 2010 - January 2011

Help! Growing up isn’t easy. How can we enjoy life, make friends, stay healthy, do well, feel good?

A play exploring health and wellbeing issues for KS3 ages 11 – 13

Written by Jamie Beddard
Directed by Rob Watt

Produced by
Face Front Inclusive Theatre
Immediate Theatre

Follow the lives of Lydia, Jonah and Sarah as they discover more about who they are, where they belong, and what makes them unique. How do they balance trying to assert their individuality with the pressures to conform? What impact do their decisions have on their health and wellbeing? Where can they go if they need help? From the classroom to home to the virtual world of the web, join our characters as they attempt to make sense of their lives as they enter into adolescence.

How does Beat Them/Join Them? support work in the classroom?

Combined with teaching resources and training, ‘Beat Them/Join Them?’ helps teachers address sensitive and complex issues such as relationships, physical and emotional health, self-esteem and transition, in an accessible, creative and safe way.

It is an integral part of PSHE and supports and develops SEAL, as well as meeting Secondary School aims and Every Child Matters.

“The play showed me that peer pressure is harder to get out of than I thought”

Student, Winchmore School

“I learnt how alcohol and drugs can change people and get them into trouble”

Student, Gladesmore School

“The show was funny and serious and I loved the characters they were like our age.”

Student, Gladys Aylward School

“You engaged a challenging year group with a fantastic play I have rarely seen them behave so well and they made brilliant contributions”

Teacher, Gladys Aylward School

“It is brilliant for our girls to see actors with disabilities who were so talented.”

Teacher, Central Foundation School for Girls

Featuring a cast of disabled and non-disabled actors, Beat Them / Join Them is inclusive to all and has been developed with young people with disabilities and also those at risk of exclusion in Hackney and Enfield.

For more information or to book the show for your school email info@facefront.org or call: 020 8350 346

Teacher endorsements

"Following a suggestion from Mike Davis (PSHE/Citizenship and Participation Manager Children and Young People's Service - Haringey Professional Development Centre), and seeing a snipet of the play at an anti-bullying conference, I booked the play as I felt it would give pupils something to think about and give a different slant on PSHE topics.

We all enjoyed the show, pupils were also amazed that some of he actors had disabilities and did their parts so well. It also made them aware and appreciative of differences. Pupils enjoyed the fact that they were given an opportunity to take part in the production and have a say in the outcome.

As teachers the pre and post show lessons were helpful to reinforce pupil learning and they are lessons we could adapt and use again. The issues were well communicated and pupils were able to assess friendships, peer pressure and bullying issues, making wise choices etc.

I would encourage teachers in other schools to book this play. I will be happy to have it back for another year group."

Louanne Sampson, Teacher, John Loughborough School.

"I booked the show because we have a history of seeing excellent performances by Face Front. Our students were fascinated by the show and each took something from it.

The issues in the production were communicated very well indeed - the approach was clear and even our non-verbal students had an idea of the issues being raised. Theatre is an excellent medium for discussing and developing issues and inclusive theatre even more so!

I would recommend the show to other teachers for its direction/issue raising and inclusivity."

Sarah Doyle, Deputy Head Teacher, Moselle Special School


Beat Them/Join Them? is presented as part of the Theatre in Schools Partnership (TiSP).

For more information about TiSP visit: www.tisp.org.uk

Beat Them/Join Them? toured to schools in Hackney, Tower Hamlets, Haringey, Enfield and the City in Autumn 2009 and will return to tour again in November 2010.