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Inclusive. Interactive. Imaginative

Working in Our Community

Creating a real relationship with the community with which we are working has always been at the heart of our purpose

East London is a diverse, vibrant and creative place to live and Hackney has one of the youngest populations in London, yet the area still has some of the highest rates of unemployment, deprivation and crime in the country.

We work in partnership with a range of community groups to create opportunities for local residents to participate in the arts - many of whom have little or no opportunity to access arts activities where they live. We aim to develop the skills and confidence of participants to voice their opinions and ideas to community decision makers and local audiences.

We have been represented, and our voice and that of the people we work with respected, on forums and steering groups on a number of local issues including crime prevention, drug issues, teenage pregnancy, areas of physical regeneration, mental health and emotional wellbeing, healthy lifestyles and cultural policy.

We value the connectivity achieved through working with different sectors of the community. For example, Housing Associations, health providers, local government, museums, theatre and arts organisations, youth offending teams, schools and alternative education providers, crime prevention units, regeneration teams…

We celebrate the in-depth relationships we have been able to establish with these sectors of the community. The success of our work has now led us to develop participatory projects in neighbouring boroughs and to tour our performance work across London.


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